Homestead 10 x 5k

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AUGUST 23, 2014 - 7:00am Ridgeland, SC

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Beginning at 7:00am on Saturday August 23, 2014 a 5k loop will begin. Runners must complete the 5k loop and be back on the starting line ready to run the next loop at the top of the next hour. A horn will alert the runners giving them a 5-minute notice that the next loop is about to begin.

If a runner does not start promptly at the top of the hour they are not allowed to begin the next loop. Runners should give themselves plenty of time to be at the starting line prior to the start of the next loop.

Upon completing each lap each runner will be given a “loop placement” and an official finish time. At the end of the ten loops the individual Male and Female runners with the fastest cumulative time will be granted to overall winners of the Homestead 10 x 5k event.


 There will be a fully stocked Aid Station at the start finish area for the RUNNERS ONLY, crews and support should plan on bringing their own supplies through out the day. The Aid Station will be stocked with the following items:

Water, HEED, PowerAde, Coke, Sprite, Hammer Gel, Hammer Endurolites, Hammer Sport Bars, Sweet and Salty snacks, potatoes, bananas, oranges, and watermelon. We will also be cooking Hamburgers and Veggie Burgers for the RACERS mid-day.


The Homestead 10 x 5k  race is taking place in Ridgeland, SC. Please use the following address to map the race start:

342 RM Plantation Circle, Ridgeland, SC 29936


GREEN: Parking area
RED: Start/ Finish Line
BLUE: Aid Station & Officials Tent
ORANGE: Runners crew area
YELLOW: Course
PURPLE: Entrance onto the course

The Start/ Finish line is located in an open field and it is HIGHLY recommended that you bring a canopy tent or some type of cover, a chair along with your typical race supplies. WE WILL NOT HAVE TENTS FOR THE RACER.

We have ample parking and space available for all runners and their crews. We ask that you are respectful when setting up your area.


The course is a Figure-8, 5K scenic trail loop that circles two lakes and runs along the marsh that showcases some of the most beautiful areas within the Lowcountry. The course is relatively flat, with 66 feet of gain over the 3.1 mile course. The trail give you ample room to pass or run side by through out the entire course.

The is a “TRAIL RUN” so you will encounter roots, rocks, trees, sand, dirt, grass, ants, bugs, potential standing water if its been raining, wind, sun and even a potential alligator (but he doesn’t eat much, we’ll be sure to feed him a triathlete the day before hand). There is no pavement and the course is not smooth… IT’S A TRAIL.

The course is marks with red flags through out the entire loop and large directional signs at all major turns.


As you enter RM Plantation through the brick entry way, please continue straight up the drive way and take your first left on to R and M Plantation Circle. A parking attendant will be will be on site to direct you from that point.


Packet pick up will take place at the course between 4:00pm – 7:00pm on Friday August 22, 2014 and on Race Day between 5:45am – 6:15am. No additional packets will be given out after 6:15am to ensure an on-time start. If you can’t make it Friday, please be early on Saturday. The race will not wait on you!!!


Be on time, be respectful to the course and race volunteers, littering will not be tolerated, please pick up after yourself after the race and most importantly if you’re not having fun, you must leave. Littering of any kind on the course will not be tolerated.  

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